OEM interest

If you want to manufacture this in volume, please go ahead by all means. We really encourage OEMs to do so.

We’d be delighted to talk to you about it and help you out. The project designs for the PCB, AVR software and 3D printed box are all open source and freely modifiable. The components are all commodity off the shelf devices. Where devices are approaching end of life, we endeavour to replace them in the design with an equivalent part.

We are also available for custom work, should you wish to modify an aspect of the project to suit your particular use case.

We encourage all OEMs to apply for the “OpenTRV certified” stamp of approval. We test all certified products for interoperability, security, easy installation and reliability. The OpenTRV certified logo gives the customer the assurance that the product they are buying has been tested with a diverse sampling of other OpenTRV certified devices to ensure compatibility.

Contact us via opentrv@opentrv.org.uk