Help wanted

We’re looking for help in the following areas:

  • software development, particularly programming, checking and debugging code on the AVRs
    • current opportunity July 2015
    • ongoing help with our IoT project, so send us an email if you’re looking for an internship/kudos on commits/wanting to save the planet/all three
  • website design (I’m not, clearly)
  • legal advice
  • industrial design engineering and product management

If you would like to help out with any of the above, we’re always available at

It was pointed out to us that our message of open everything and the request for legal help is somewhat discordant. A brief explanation – we’re looking for legal advice and possibly patent advice – the whole patent and copyright area is a minefield for a cute little open source software/open hardware project like us. We’re interested if any legal types with experience of open source can help us with (a) making sure that we let everyone liberally use our stuff in the right way and (b) make sure that stuff that we should copyright/patent/whatever is done so to protect our efforts from the nasties out there.

For more background, we’ve a site with in depth technical information, code and board layouts, 3D box designs, mailing list archives and JIRA. Do take a look and we’re also on Twitter. There’s a wiki too.