OpenTRV meets the Internet of Things

OpenTRV won funding from Innovate UK for a project in the Internet of Things Launchpad 2 competition.

Initial announcement: TechCity News

Article on

Summary: Enabling the Internet of Things (IoT) by making it easy to plug together a set of modules to measure the world around us. The project will work out the optimum combination of sensors to use inside buildings and outdoors to detect the presence of people (without identifying individuals) and other information about the environment, such as weather. Devices will be placed along a bus route in London. This information will be made available to innovative app developers to improve public transport information for buses, for example letting you know if the next bus at your bus stop is likely to be full and suggesting an alternative. The indoor version will be used to improve energy monitoring to help cut fuel bills and reduce carbon emissions.

First update: here’s some of the work that we’ve been doing relating to the project (it’s Damon’s IoT landing page). Part of the work is to get some infrastructure in place to enable discussion and plotting how to save the planet; that’s going on at the moment, at the same time as the initial research work. Changes are afoot.

Second update: we’ve some open source work – here’s the specification and suitably ambitious schedule. Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss this ( There’s no budget for recruitment agencies, but there is scope for payment for this work, albeit not at full commercial rates. Great for kudos, references and open source commits that mean something.


  1. Patrick Abela

    Hi Damon,

    It has been a while since we have been in touch – hope you are well. Just came across your post on Linked in…

    Have been tinkering around Raspberry PI for one of the pet projects which I worked on last year (have a look at Would be keen to keep track of the stuff you are working on.

    I am still based in Ealing – we should meet some day for a beer before I decide to move back to Malta!


  2. Paul Beardsell

    I’ve built my own remote control IoT central heating system and it’s been live a year now. I’m happy to share my approach, my code (mostly shell script but a little C – Only masochists or those being *paid* code in Java!) and my experience. The virtual control panel is accessible from anywhere. Now I am looking for control of individual rooms. Essentially I need WiFi connected radiator valves *without* thermostats (they’re better elsewhere in the room) and without fine control (on or off only – the half-way valve is useless for control of temperature with flowing water). I like what you’re doing but I want simpler. I just want a valve which I can control with standard GPIO logic and perhaps a relay. Where can I find such a on-off electronic “TRV”? Thanks, Paul

    1. Paul Beardsell

      Also, I would really really recommend not using Arduino microcontrollers. That is last decade’s technology. Raspberry Pi may be a tiny little more expensive, and it may need more power, but the flexibility in programming, the time saved, much more than compensates.

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